Wim Vermeersch

Wim has a broad skill base in General Management, acquired through experience in FMCG multinational and industry, and through formal training in Belgium, the UK, Spain and France. Wim started his career as Business Developer and set up a European organisation for an American medical device company. He joined a multinational FMCG company as Sales Manager and gained experience in Category Management and Sales Management. He created a European team out of several national units and transformed the organisation to face new challenges. Wim took on General Management responsibilities within the Belgian floor coverings industry. Had direct responsibility over production, product development, sales and finance. He modernised the product portfolio, professionalized the sales team, upgraded the ERP, optimised the supply chain and improved the performance management. He integrated four different Belgian and French companies into one profitable unit. Wim performs executive consultancy in order to guide companies dealing with optimal organizational performance, international clients, suppliers, outsourcing, business development etc… in an international context and in relation to complex projects. Within Expense Reduction Analysts Wim is the Managing Partner for Belgium responsible for commercial support and network development.

phone+32 15 34 70 46 / +32 476 50 01 02

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